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There’s only so much you can fit into 5’8.5” package and Brin Kline, the owner of Assured Auto Works, tests those limits.
A 25-year veteran of the automotive repair industry, he has seen it all and worked on most of it.  Brin is an ASE Certified Master Automobile Technician and is also certified as an Advanced Level Specialist. He can test, diagnose and repair just about anything that might be going on with your car or light truck. A long-time Florida resident, Brin has lived in the Sunshine State almost his entire life, and has worked almost exclusively in Brevard, so he understands the unique demands that coastal Florida vehicles face, such as salt corrosion and excessive heat.  

Brin is very proud of Assured Auto Works, his team and the relationships that they have built with their clients. He is also proud to be a part of the automotive service industry. He and his team attend hundreds of hours of training every year so they can continue to offer their clients the best possible service. Brin teaches automotive diagnostics locally and nationally and dedicates a large part of his personal time working with and for associations, organization and groups on projects designed to improve the automotive service industry.

In his personal time, Brin enjoys spending time with his family, including his wife of 18 years, beautiful eight-year-old daughter, amazing six-year old son, and fun-loving Whippet puppy. About as often as you’d expect to see a unicorn riding mermaid, you might spot Brin dancing and or singing. If you do, then you should probably stop stalking him.



A true gentleman is like a unicorn. Sometimes you find yourself laying awake at night unable to sleep trying to decide if they even exist.  That is until you meet Carlos.  Carlos exudes organic positive vibes with his perma-smile and good guy attitude. Just knowing him will likely make you a better person. Carlos is a third generation mechanic and has been in the field of auto repair for 16 years.  His favorite Pandora station is Easy Listening, which we assume he listens to while taking long walks on the beach.  When he is not saving his daughter from lizards he can be found enjoying a good 80’s action movie with his spunky 9-year old son or dancing the night away with his wife of 12 years.

All around good guy and everybody’s best friend is how we describe Carlos.  He is a third generation mechanic and has been in the field of auto repair for 16 years.  He enjoys the challenge and satisfaction  of a job well done.  Formerly a resident of Puerto Rico, Carlos and his family moved to Florida when he was a young boy.



If you’ve never heard the term beard envy, you’ll understand the moment you meet JD. It’s not often that you get a chance to meet a direct relative of the great Dusty Hill of ZZ Top. I didn’t realize that that lineage was born with such amazing facial hair. I’m kidding of course. JD is like a survivalist that’s stuck in city limits. He loves hunting, fishing, motorcycles and food.

JD is so tough! I once witnessed him demand that a Large Mouth Bass take his bait in the creek behind our shop. He didn’t even have a fishing pole. He simply, tied a hook at the end of some fishing line, quickly dug up a worm like he had Super Man X-Ray vision, put the worn on the hook, threw the line in the water near the fish, demanded that the fish take the bait, the fish agreed and JD pulled in the line with the fish by his bare hands. I could say bear hands and it would be accurate as well. 

You’ve heard some say that they like long walks on the beach. That’s not enough for JD. He prefers riding his Enduro motorcycle on the hard packed, wave pounded sand while simultaneously shark fishing in the surf of the Atlantic. I know that sounds difficult, awkward and maybe even impossible but that’s only because you haven’t met JD. He makes it look easy. I assure you that it is not. Don’t ask me how I know. 

JD also loves food and cooking. I’ve never met anyone in my life that gets as excited about the split pea soup or chorizo and rice that they just made the night before.  He’ll share the experience with everyone that he comes into contact with throughout the day like a combination of an expressive Julia Child and  Homer Simpson during a foodgasm. 

On a serious note, we are lucky to have him. It is very important to JD to do the right thing by everyone, every time, every day.  I guess that might be the secret to his almost childlike joy. 

Stop by and get to know him better!



If Matt had a Superpower, it would be his optimistic outlook.
If you remember the movie, Finding Nemo, you probably remember the banter between Dory and
Marlin being a perfect example of Optimism versus pessimism. Marlin was always focused on all the bad
things that might occur but no matter how grim things seemed to be, Dory was almost annoyingly sure
that everything was going to be okay.
The Automotive Service & Repair Industry can be very challenging. That coupled with Assured Auto
Works’ constant reach for perfection can sometimes feel a little heavy for our team. This is where Matt
comes in. Like Dory, he often reminds us, that we will rise and overcome any challenge that we face and
unlike the movie Finding Nemo, we probably won’t lose a family member to some aquarium loving
diver, get eaten by a Mr. Hyde like shark, or stung nearly to death by jelly fish. We may not necessarily
always appreciate his superpower; especially when we’re in the midst of darkness, but we eventually
recognize how special and helpful his outlook can be.
Matt loves spending time with his wife of 7 years and three sons. Not unlike Dory, he likes being in the
water but would rather be above the boat as opposed to being under the boat. Matt also enjoys a good
superhero or sci-fi movie and it’s no surprise that he can really get into a groove with just about any
music genre. In fact, if you’re ever visiting the shop and listen close, you will probably hear him singing
along to something. We won’t guarantee that you’ll appreciate his contribution to the song, but you will
appreciate his love for it. On the other hand, if you hear something loud and almost unrecognizable,
something that you will likely not appreciate but will still bring a smile to your face, then you’re hearing
our other lovable technician, Carlos singing along as well.

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