• Maintenance Services

    –Oil and filter service
    –Transmission Fluid and Filter Service
    –Coolant Service/Flushes
    –Differential Service
    –Brake Fluid Flushes
    –Power Steering Flushes
    –Tune ups (Spark Plugs, Plug Wires [If applicable], Fuel Filter, PCV, Air Filter)
    –Brake Service
    –Tire replacement, rotation, mounting, balancing
    –And more…

  • Repair

    –Steering and suspension repair (ball joints, tie rods, control arms, steering gears, bearings, alignments)
    –Drive-train (Drive-shaft, Differential, Axles)
    –Emissions and Exhaust Systems
    –Air Conditioning/Climate Control
    –Body Electrical and Mechanical (Doors, power locks, windows, etc.)
    –And more…

  • Diagnostics

    –Check Engine Lights
    –Indicator Lights
    –Drive-ability concerns (noises, vibrations, misfires)
    –And more…

  • Tire & Wheel 

    -Tire replacement

    -Tire rotation

    -Mounting & balancing

    -Wheel alignment

    -Tire repair

    -And more...



We don't just change your oil and filter. We perform the services needed to protect your investment and keep you motoring reliably and safely. 


The service includes changing your oil and filter using the correct, high quality oils and a filter meeting or exceeding the vehicle manufacturers specifications. No one size fits all approach here. 

Having a professional certified technician, inspect the entire vehicle so we can make you aware of any maintenance or repairs needed. This is how we help you to protect your investment and reduce or eliminate those unwanted and unexpected surprises. (No-one ever says, "I hope that I have car troubles today"!)

We rotate the tires and adjust the air pressure, including the spare. 

We replace the front wipers with conventional wipers if needed. 

We check all exterior lights. This service often allows us to replace at least one conventional bulb if needed. 

We offer to pre-schedule your next appointment so you don't have to worry about procrastinating and forgetting. 

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